martes, 15 de abril de 2008

Unit VIII Le'ts Celebrate

In this unit we talk about celebrates around the world, and how diferents could be.

For example, in Venezuela we celebrate "La paradura del niño" in December, and "San benito" in January, it depends of the culture, and the place we lived

I put a fun video, about wedings, and how fun the could be hahah

Everything could happen in a wedding

sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Unit VII What this for?

Hello, in this unit, we learn everything about how describite our favourite gadge, and we learn how to used the infinitive complements, and gerunds

My favourite gadge is an Ipod

Is a dispositive that is used to listen music, watch movies, tv, and do a lot of things.

Is easy to use, just put the music on it, of course dont forget download the Itunes, to syncronice the music video and that with your ipod.

Is a gadge from de company Apple, and right now exist diferent types, with diferent sizes, and capacity to your music and videos.

Is easy to use, you only need to press in the center, and move with your fingertips, until you get in the song or video that you want to hear


And Remember to always charge it
Dont forget to syncronice the music with the Itunes, you can donwload from the internet
Make sure to keep it dry
Try no to drop it, is kind of delicate, and it can broke
Be sure to turn off when you're not using.

martes, 11 de marzo de 2008

Unit VI Sure No problem!

In this unit we talk about complains, apologizes and asking request.
We talk about how to make a request and apologize and discuss complains with our parents.

We did an activity about complains with our parents.

My mom always said that I don’t help in the house, but I do, I always clean my room.
She complain about my friends, always said that my friends are bad influences
She always said, turn the music off, or turn the TV off
Clean up your room and stuff like that
She said that im lazy, and that I spend more time with my friend and on the computer, that with her.

Unit V Going Places

In this unit, we talk about going places, and the place that we want to visit in the future
We talk about the future using going to.
We did an itineraries to our vacation, and what we going to do.


In my next vacation, I’m going to Spain, with my family.
I’m going to visit Madrid, and walk around the city, and take a lot of pictures, to get a memory to our travel.

I’m going to shop a lot, and meet new people and learn about their culture that will be very interesting.

For travel, I need a ticket, my passport, I need money too some cash, pack some clothes depends of the weather, make a hotel reservation, and maybe I’m going to rent a car.

After going to Madrid, we go out Spain, and return to Venezuela, first we going to stop in Caracas and after we take another plain to return to Maracaibo.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

Unit III Time for a change

Is this unit we talk about, the thing we like to change, like the place were we lived, so we did a composition talk about How is our ideal place

I live in a house, is very big, is ver Spacious, is Quiet, it has 4 rooms and 3 bathroom, and is comfortable for a family of 5 belive or not, is not specive cause we are own the house, so we dont have any rent problem, its far away from the university and thats a problem for me, cause i have to travel for a few hour, and it gets me very very tired.

Its better live in my house to an apartment for example, is big so everybody has an space, its diferent in an aparment, its quieter that an aparment, and is more comfortable than lived in a small place, and is privet

I would like to my house being closer of the city and the university, i would like a house without the problem that we have like our sealing is dropping, and here's a very dangerous place, so i would like to live in a safer place, and at the same house cause i like but without this little issues that enoying.

Unit II Caught in the Rush

In unit two, we talk about being caught in a very bad situation like rain, and talk about our sistem transportation.

We did a letter to expresed our opinion about our sistem transportation, or any irregular situacion in the state.
Here's my letter

Dear Goverment:
First of all thank you for all the things that you have been done in the state, and everything you have done for us, but i would like to talk about our transportation sistem, is big problem in the state, the transportation sometimes is dangureus and expensive,i mean, the drivers are not very good with us the customers, and we dont like that, the busses, and the cars and in very bad shape and its not safe for us, if you can do something we apreciated so much
Thanks foy our atettion
Paola Medina

Unit I A time to remember

In the Unit I we talk about a time to remember, we remember everything we did in the past

We re-created a story, about two guys who crashing in the park while they're rollingsktaing

Ted and Anna

Once of those so many times, they were two young guys, and they were rolling skating at the parkWhen sunddelly Splash!, like thing of destiny the boy and the girl crush eacother at the parkTom who didn't know how to rollingskating fell on the floor, and Anna looked at him, ashamed about the accident.Bouth Introdicing Eacother
-Hi, nice to meet you, my nane is Anna- told her to Tom
Hi, Im tom, nice to meet you
After a little conversation when they talk about their life and what they do for living, they went to breakfastAnna were born in Argentina and move to USA, and Tom were lived over there all his life.In a wonderfull breakfast, with a delicious wafles, Tom was flirting with Anna, he fell in love on first side. After talk during all morning, it was time to closed the cafetire and bouth regret about not keep on the conversation, but they felt very happy to met eachother.At the next day. Tom came back to the park, with the hope to find anna again, when sundelly he see her far away.
Exited, tom run to anna, and take her arm y said: Hey Anna! and anna look at him and said, Let me go, who are you?Tom confused wondered, what could happened?, and he get out of there thinking, that doens't wanna know anything about himTom sat on one of the chairs of the park when an old lady sat next to him, said hello to him and ask what's going on son? them, tom tell the old lady everything, then the lady told asked him, what was the name of the girl and he said Anna.
The old lady was shocked and asked him to, how she looks like?, and tom told the old lady how was anna, and she shocked and said, Well Tom, she my grandaughter.The nice lady told tom, that Anna have been throuth at accident and anna lose the memory, and she lives everyday like she never live before.
Tom asked the old lady that help him, with Anna, cause, he was in love with herAnd he used, every way to try to talk to her, he cried to get her atention, ask her direction, etc, etc. But anna still not remember anything.Next day, tom find anna in the park again, rollingskating when a little boy came to her with a piece of paper, she look the peace of paper and saw the date, 2008, and she took the paper and saw that the date was the same 2008.Completely 'extra;anda" she went untill her grandmother's house, and Tom went to behind her, with all this quetion withount an answer, Anna demands to go to the doctor, and they went.
The doctor said that she couldn't take her memory back, without no hope, Anna and Tom went to Anna Gradmother house and Tom, did that, everyday, he spend his all day with Anna at her grandmother house.
And make that a rutine, tom felt so much love for anna that, he propuesed her, She was in shock cause, always that was the first day she met Tom, but his feling were so strong that he said that he was the man of her life.
They got marriege but on day Anna woke up and not recognize Tom, and she scared so much, starts to cry and freaks out, the went to the doctor again, and he recomended to split.Tom acept what the doctor said, and pack his stuff, and move out.But he decided to stay to fight for Anna's Love and help her to take his memory back.
It was another day, Anna Slept and went she woke up saw Tom next to her, she didn't recognize him, but saw a beautifl, marriege, and hapinnes, sunddely somebody open the door's room and saidMommy Mommyand Anna realize that she couldn't forget a happy moment like that.
Beside we Interview an old person and talk about his past.
I interview my grandmother (She couldn't remember a few things)
  • Where were you born?

I was born in Anzoategui

  • Did you grow up there?

Yes, i did, after i got married, i moved out to Zulia

  • Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to a school closed to my home, i can't remember what was the name

  • Where did you go to high school?

I went to a public high school, i guess is close by now

  • Did you study any foreing languagues?

No, i only speak spanish

  • What was your favourite childhood memory?

I used to play with the sand, i was so fun, i remember get all dirty

  • What sports or game you used to play when you were young?

When i used to play with my sisters, hide and seek.

  • Did you use to have a nickname?

Not really, everyone use to call me Mary.

  • Where did you use to spend your vacations?

Well, we didn't have so much money so, we didn't go out

  • Did you have a part-time job?

Yes i did, it was working in a store, close to my house

  • Did you used yo have a pet?

Yes, a small cat, it was so cute

  • Who was your best friend when you were a child?

I can't remember hehe.